Matt Barlow

Matt is a full-stack C# developer specialising in Umbraco, he works in London and is the creator of Jacker.io.

Thanks for taking the time to visit Jacker.io!

I'm Matt, and this site is my creation, my aim is to make Jacker a go-to site for Umbraco knowledge, I aim to share my experiences of developing using the 'friendly CMS' and to provide tutorials on how to create awesome sites and applications using the platform.

A little about myself, I am from a town called Newmarket, just outside of Cambridge in the UK. I have been developing sites using the Umbraco CMS platform since version 4. I started work at an agency called Flag, my very first project was an online shop using Umbraco to sell live worms, mice and insects. These were bought by reptile owners to feed to their pets. The versatility of Umbraco!

I loved it (Umbraco CMS not the live worms) and started building bigger and better things with the platform. I gained my Level 2 Umbraco certification in July of 2012, left Flag and eventually moved into Umbraco contracting full-time, working for multiple agencies including MerchantCantos, Tribal Worldwide, M-is, Simplicity Partners, Blackbridge Communications, Grey Health Group, Iris Worldwide, Super Union, Radley Yeldar and the Travel Corporation.

2019 was my first year to attend Code Garden, and I wish I'd attended sooner! The passion and expertise flowing through the Umbraco community really is what makes Umbraco unlike any other CMS platform.

My current focus is on working with Umbraco 8, diving deeper into Vue Js and the Bulma / Tailwind CSS frameworks.

And now?
This site at the moment is a solo effort to give back to the Umbraco community. So what can you do?

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Thank you so much for reading this web site!

I hope you enjoy my tutorials and packages and I look forward to getting to know you.

Happy Umbracoing! 

-- Matt

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