How to add a free SSL certificate to your Umbraco site

by Matt Barlow  09 Jan, 2020  0 comments

There are two methods to install our Umbraco Font Awesome Extension:

  • via nuget (the package manager for Visual Studio) or,
  • the Umbraco back office

Installation via nuget

Open visual studio, then the nuget property package manager console, type the following to install the package.

PM> Install-Package FontAwesomePropertyEditor

Installation via the Umbraco back office

In the packages section search for "u8 fontawesome links".

Navigate to the packages section

Navigate to the packages section

Locate our Font Awesome Property editor in the Umbraco back office.






Emphasis, aka italics, with asterisks or underscores.

Strong emphasis, aka bold, with asterisks

I'm an inline-style link

I'm an inline-style link with title

this is a quote

this is code

enter image description here

enter image description here

1. List item 2. List item 3. List item



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